24 years old featured and published Graphic Designer / Illustrator with a funky and always changing graphic style.

Self motivated, always wanting to experiment and always looking for challenges in any skills and styles; digital art, vfx, graphic design, illustration, typography, web UI, UX design, interactive and new media, combining 3D Elements with 2D digital imagery in order to obtain something unique, fresh, something unexpected and spectacular.

I used to draw a lot when I was a kid, never paid a lot of attention at school because I was always drawing in my books. My teacher suggested a secondary school called Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam which is a normal school but with a small doses of design aspects. I learned a lot about printing, multimedia and audio production.

After that I went to Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam (college) to do a course called ‘Media Design International Course’ which I graduated from.

While designing has always been a hobby for me. At my internships I really got the freedom and motivation to explore and expand my skill set.